6th Grade AG page


Meeting this week on ZOOM – Thursday, 10 AM. You and your parents will receive a Google meeting link at 9:45 AM on your e-mails. Just click on the link and you can join us.

Agenda: Check in – see how everyone is doing

Cranium Olympics Fun

(For those that want – Raven’s Gate Chapter)


RESULTS OF SURVEY MONKEY – 9 folks completed it – if you want to add your thoughts, go to the link on either of the e-mails I sent you.

Favorite Shows on Netflix: Winner – Stranger Things with 2 votes – everything else got one vote

On a scale of 1 to 10, how bored are you? Average 5.2 stars

Who is the most like Dash? Josh had 3 votes, and Charles had 2.

Who is the most like Wonder Woman? Peyton was the only one with 2 votes.

Would you listen if I read Raven’s Gate online? 8/9 – yes

Would you like to participate in Cranium Olympic events on line? 1/2 said yes

Fun new things discovered since being home: 1) Features of Minecraft 2) Zoom Meetings with friends 3) Different video games 4) Baby Bunnies 5) Painting 6) Piano 7) Legos 8) Raman 9) I like to organize 10) I like being at home

What I don’t like about being home: Missing Friends!

Songs to add to the Jam Jams play list: LOTS! If you want the link for Spottify, let me know and make sure I have your cell phone number.