December 9 – 13

Thursday, December 12 – Friday December 13th

What we did in class today: Mr. Jamsa was out of town. We watched the last part of Temple Grandin on one day and we were introduced to how to balance chemical equations on the second day.

What to do if you missed class: You don’t have to make up Temple Grandin. For balancing chemical formulas, look at the video below. Mr. Jamsa has practice worksheets you can take home and practice with if you ask.

Wednesday, December 11th

What we did in class today: We continued our studies of chemical reactions with Legos and then modeled with students as the atoms two famous chemical reactions – photosynthesis and respiration.

What to do if you missed class today: Not much you can do to make up the learning. Ask your group for help when working on the final exam next week.


Tuesday, December 10th

What we did in class today: We used Legos as a model to learn about chemical formulas and reactions.

What to do if you missed class today: The picture below will give you a glimpse of what we worked on in class. See Mr. Jamsa for more details or ask your group questions during your work time next week.

Image result for legos chemical reactions

Monday, December 9

What we did in class today: Today was the last day to work on the Santa Mystery lab in class.

What to do if you missed class today: You can write your CER at home for the lab. The outline is below:

C – The evidence supports the claim that ____ is the correct Santa cookie recipe.

E – List evidence from your chart ONLY. No other information should be here.

R – tie your evidence together with logic to MAKE YOUR CASE. Everything important enough to be listed under E should be explained with R. Which canister, A, B, or C, has the correct mixture of flour, baking soda, and powdered sugar?

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