Desert Island Activity


Copy Definition in notebook:

Biodiversity: The great variety of plants and animals found on the planet. Life is diverse.

Whilst flying to an exotic destination, your plane spirals out of control, there are only ten parachutes to save ten passengers. You will land on a deserted island, with no one else there.


  1. Make a list of 3 – 5 criteria that you will use to decide who gets a parachute and who does not.
  2. Make a list of your TOP TEN – those that should get a parachute.
  3. Make a list of your BOTTOM FIVE – those that should definitely NOT get a parachute.
  4. Answer the two questions underneath the list below
  5. Show Mr. Jamsa in class for credit.


People on the plane:

  1. 35 year old female, has 3 children at home, single mum, artist.
  2. 12 year old male, straight ‘A’ student, wants to be a police officer, high I.Q of 150.
  3. 18 year old male, studying engineering, part-time comedian, obese.
  4. 21 year old male, wheelchair user, Paralympic archery champion.
  5. 15 year old female, pregnant, high school student, great at science.
  6. 16 year old male, high school dropout, boyfriend of person above and the baby’s father.
  7. 30 year old male, nurse, has a husband.
  8. 25 year old African-American female, beautiful, fashion model.
  9. 19 year old male, ex-army soldier, missing one arm, single.
  10. 70 year old Scandinavian female, retired lawyer and judge.
  11. 42 year old female, doctor, suffers from depression.
  12. 55 year old Russian male, investment banker, very wealthy.
  13. 40 year old male, dentist, leader of boy Scouts group.
  14. 30 year old American male, famous actor, known to use drugs.
  15. 14 year old male, football player.
  16. 38 year old male, pilot of the plane, has the flu.
  17. 29 year old female, botanist (studies plants/trees/ environment), has dwarfism.
  18. 8 year old female, orphan, enjoys practicing magic.
  19. 30 year old Italian female, chef, owns her own restaurant.
  20. 16 year old male, farmer, no qualifications.
  21. 60 year old female, butcher, grandmother of 10.
  22. 52 year old Indian male, fisherman, speaks no English.
  23. 24 year old Latvian female, pregnant and expecting twins, teacher.
  24. 48 year old female, aircraft repairwoman, wears hearing aids.
  25. 17 year old female, singer, dancer, actress, smoker.
  26. 28 year old male, professional basketball player.
  27. 33 year old male, builder and carpenter, has the chicken pox.
  28. 28 year old Icelandic female, psychologist, counselor, has fear of flying.


QUESTIONS: (include at least one example to support your answer)

I cannot for sure make the correct decisions because____________

Diversity is important because _______________________