Dog Island

RIGHT CLICK on Dog Island link below.  Open in a new tab.  To right click on Chromebook, tap with two fingers the pad.  Then you can go back and fourth between questions and web page.

This is a chance to use those critical thinking skills we have been talking about in class.  Copy what is in red and/or answer the questions below.  The green font represents links you should hit.

Dog Island


1) Dog island is __________________________

2) # Big Dogs

# Medium Dogs

# Small Dogs


Use your critical thinking skills to defend your answer:

3) The facility that would be best for dogs would be ___________ because ___________

Think of one of your dogs or a dog that you know.  Use him for the question below.

4) My dog would be most happy on ___________ Island because ______________


5) List the picture that does the BEST job of making dog island look like a good place.  Defend your answer.

6) List the picture that does the WORST job of making dog island like a good place.  Defend your answer.


7) The dogs eat ___________________________

8) If a dog is fat___________________________

9) The island prevents packs by ____________________________



11) Cost:

Really think hard on the next two.  It makes sense, but you need to use your brain.

12) Vacation Island is not great for dogs because_______________

13) Vacation Island exists because ________________________


14) There are _____ days per year.

15) If there are so few, why do you think the web site did not include the dates on the web site?  Think about it…

List Three of the Things Advertised on the right side of all of the pages.  Next to each, explain they they would be advertising on this web site.