EZ Form

Northwest Science Expo paperwork instructions

You will need your student ID assigned by the fair.

Your password is “falcons”

1) Go to Science Fair Web Page;

2) Sign in.


EZ Projects – projects that do not involve human subjects or vertebrate animals

3) Click the pencil next to the student information row and carefully fill out the requested information.  Click UPDATE.  Do this for you and your partner if you have one.

4) DO NOT CHECK any of the boxes.  They do not apply to your projects.  If you think I am in error with that, let me know!

5) Give your project a title – make it simple and descriptive – it does NOT need to be the same title as you put on your board, although it can be.

7) Abstract – A) What do you hope to accomplish? B) How will you do this? C) What have you learned thus far D) What do you have left to do?  Wherever you are in the process, fill this out as well as you can.  Don’t be wordy but be sure to answer the questions.

For this project I ______________________-

I hope to find out__________________

I will do this by __________________

Thus far I have learned _____________________

I still have to_____________________

WARNING: Sometimes the abstract does not save properly.  Highlight and COPY it before hitting save below.  If it does not save, you will not have to type it again.

The abstract is an outline of the project for the judges.  You do not require many details.  Appearance always matters, so make sure you have someone proof read it for spelling and clarity and grammar.

8) Click NO on the electricity requested box.

9) If you think your project will involve a lot of numbers and statistics, ask Mr. Jamsa if you should nominate yourself for a statistics award.

10) UPDATE.  Print form. Use Internet Explorer.  You need to turn OFF the POPUP Blocker to be able to print.  Click on the wheel in the upper right corner.  Select INTERNET OPTIONS.  Select PRIVACY TAB.  UNCHECK the Turn on Popup Blocker option.

11) Obtain signatures of parents and guardians.  The date on the form when students signed the form is January 10th.  The date on the form when parents signed the form is January 11th, 2019.  THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT – please just write those dates in.


Besides the form above, it is also required that you print out a copy of your procedures and submit them with this.