Final Chemistry Assessment

Museum Model Final Project for a chosen area of Focus

1) Make a legal-sized summary poster of one of the concepts below, A, B, or C. Include “science” definitions of the topic.  Include obvious example. Don’t use too many words.  Make it attractive.  Include pictures and/or icons. It is a poster that summarizes the topic.

2) Create a model that helps 5th and 6th graders understand your topic and perform well on your “post test.” – for more help on “what a model looks like,” scroll down to the words below in blue.


A scientific model is where scientists represent something in the real world in a way that makes it easier to understand or make predictions. This can be simple like a diagram, physical model, picture, activity, etc or more complex.


Students should learn the concepts on the pre-test as they read your summary poster and model.


Matter is made of atoms.  Elements, compounds, and mixtures

Matter is made from atoms

Key vocab: Elements, compounds, mixtures, atoms, Periodic Table of the Elements

Pre-Test – Pictures for them to ID, Which element, atom diagram


During a chemical change, the compounds rearrange.  During a physical change, no.

Chemical change – MAGIC!  The properties change.  That is one of the signs of a CC.

What you start with is what you end with as far as elements and number of atoms.  The compounds can change. This is the Law of Conservation of Matter.

Key vocab: Chemical and Physical change, Conservation of Matter, Properties

Pre-Test – Physical change or chemical change questions? Matter Created or Destroyed?


Counting Atoms/ Balancing Chemical Formulas

KEY VOCAB: Subscript, Coefficient, Elements, Molecules

Pre-test – simple formulas for them to solve


Your Model or Lesson – questions to answer

1. What will you use for your model?

Food         Legos                    Diagrams

People                      People            Pictures   

Paper                        Blocks Art Supplies


2a) For A-

How will you demonstrate elements, compounds, and mixture with your model?

*How will you demonstrate that matter is made of atoms?

*How will you demonstrate that the elements are all on a Periodic Table?


2b) For B-

How will you demonstrate physical and chemical change with your model? 

*How will you demonstrate that matter cannot be created or destroyed?

*How will you demonstrate the MAGIC of a chemical change?


2c) For C-

How will you show an unbalanced and balanced chemical formula with your model?


3) Describe what you will SHOW them DURING YOUR LESSON? This would be like teacher input.

4) Describe how they can PRACTICE the concept with your model? (this would be like student work time)

Mr. Jamsa will provide and pre-test and post test to see “how you did.”

5) Other details about the lesson Mr. Jamsa should consider that have not been shared: