Happy April! We are juggling new lives right now…

UPDATE: April 7th

The Virtual Jam Jam Science Show will be starting soon. I will be using the Google classroom and this web site to communicate. Details coming!

Congrats to the winners of Two Truths and a Lie. I did have two dogs named Cleopatra and Mandy, but not Blossom. Blossom was the neighbor’s dog back in 1973. Winners include:

Nona, Maddox, Sara, Jesse, Maddy R, Sara, Parker, Braezen. It is Tuesday.

The six students above – e-mail me the answer to this week’s Two Truths and a Lie.

My wife Kristen went to which college?

a) University of California, Davis

b) Georgetown University, Washington DC

c) Regis University, Colorado.

Thanks for the e-mails and well-wishes. I hope you are well! MJ


Update, March 31

Things are picking up soon! Once I know what I am going to have to do, I will dig in with gusto. The purpose of these communications today is to a) see who is checking e-mail b) test drive some ideas when I officially begin distance learning (I WILL make mistakes but I WILL LEARN) and c) to make public my personal growth challenge.

I already e-mailed you what I am doing with my extra time. As a personal challenge, last night from Amazon I received six juggling balls. I am going to be working that part of my brain. You want to do better in math? You want to paint better? (I know -why would you care about that?!?) Want to learn Japanese? Learning to juggling can help. Be impressed with the brain benefits of juggling after watching this video….

The evidence is impressive. Want to grow your brain? Learn to juggle. Or something. The link below is the tutorial I am going to use.

I could show you a video of me juggling right now, but let me save you the drama. It would show me throwing a couple of balls up in the air and catching one and the others hit the floor. Every time. I have zero skill here. Diego is more likely to make a free throw then me juggling, and that is saying something. Acasia and Saelis are more likely to put down art in public then me catching all three. Let’s see how it goes….

If YOU want to develop a skill from scratch, this would NOT be a 30 day challenge, it would be the JAM JAM challenge. Access the April 2nd Check in document from the Google classroom and go public. Juggling IS an excellent option though….

Let’s catch up for this week:

Mindful Monday

Especially now, more than ever. On a daily basis, write down what gives you the most life during the day and what drains the most life from you. Reading my book in the AM by myself with a nice hot cup of vanilla chai is high on my list, as is taking walks with Chico. On the bottom of my list – stealing my life – is watching too much of a trashy Netflix show, (I am embarrassed to tell you which one) and playing Text Twist. Text Twist is OK – but not at the volume I am playing it.

What are you waiting for? Grab yourself a piece of paper, fold it in half hot dog style. and begin the journey of self-discovery.

Two Truths and a Lie Tuesday

Sorry my old finalists. The old contest is closed. But I am starting a new one. This one is for a $5 Amazon gift card for every 25 people that play week one. Thus, if 87 of you respond, it will be a $15 gift card. To enter this week your response, go into the Google classroom and/or access the April 2nd Check in shared Google Sheets.

If you are not part of the science class Google classroom, please e-mail me for the code!

Question Week One These are the names of my three dogs I have owned. (or least two of them are….) Trust me. Which one is the lie?

(Answers must be posted by Saturday, April 4th, at midnight.




Far Side Wednesday

The Far Side" by Gary Larson. | Far side cartoons, Far side comics ...

Inspirational Thursday

YOU ALL are my inspiration this week. I am going to accept the challenge for distance learning and do my best to deliver. I soooo miss everyone.

I am going to post another oldie and goodie.

Finally, even a ray of sunshine for those who think winter will go on forever.

Social Distancing in Oregon

If anything that I have posted is NOT WORKING, please let me know. I expect errors at first.

I will be in touch. Be patient and loving during these incredible times! I have lots of time right now. If you have questions or want to share something right now, my e-mail is working great. Namaste.


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