October 14 – 18

mrjamsa.com was HACKED. I am slowly rebuilding the web site. I will make sure critical and timely information is posted. Past information is currently unavailable.

Thursday, October 17 – Friday, October 18

What we did in class today: We are working on the Titanic Lab. This lab will be the first opportunity to demonstrate the three science skills – What did I do? What happened? What did I learn? These three skills are a major part of the science grade this semester.

What to do if you missed class: We will make a plan with you when you return depending on how many days you miss.


Titanic Lab

Wednesday, October 16

Class A – before lunch

What we did in class today: We used what we knew about density, mass, and volume to learn the background for the Titanic Lab.

What to do if you missed class today: Missing this background will hurt, but if you speak with your table mates tomorrow, they should be able to explain to you the science behind your boat building on Thursday.

Class B – after lunch

What we did in class today: We looked at the difference between closed and open systems.

What to do if you missed class today: Copy the notes of a classmate. We will refer to this information all year so it will be helpful to understand it.


Tuesday, October 15

What we did in class today: We looked at some of the CER examples from last week to try and learn how to do them better.

What to do if you missed class today: Check out the homework link! There is going to be a quiz next week on some of the basic science concepts we have been studying thus far. The contents of the quiz will be explained on the homework link.

As far as Tuesday’s work, pay good attention to your classmates when you return. You will be writing a CER for the Titanic Lab which will be worth big points. You need to understand how to write a CER.


Monday, October 14

What we did in class today: We learned a strategy for finding a science fair project and we spent some time looking.

What to do if you missed class: The strategy is outlined below:

  1. Find a topic of interest with student passion page or by using websites found under SCIENCE FAIR link above. It is helpful to ask people who know you what ideas they have.
  2. Do some research on the topic/ see if you like it
  3. Brainstorm a list of independent and dependent variables about the project (as also described in the SCIENCE FAIR LINK) or choose a problem that can be solved related to the project.
  4. Talk to Mr. Jamsa or e-mail Mr. Jamsa your current idea. He will probably give you some suggestions for narrowing it down or he will ask you to consider other directions.
  5. Do more research
  6. Fill out the T-form and SHARE with Mr. Jamsa. The T-form is found in the Google classroom, not on this web site.
  7. Mr. Jamsa will accept the project or respond with ways you need to improve the project. We want it to be a) something you love b) do-able c) somewhat important. Mr. Jamsa has done this a long time and has a pretty good idea on what a good project looks like.

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