Hunger Games Makeup

If you missed the entire activity, do BOTH the activity listed below AND come see Mr. Jamsa after school some next week for an alternate activity.

If you missed one or two days of the four day activity, do either the activity listed below OR see Mr. Jamsa after school for about 20 minutes next week.


Choose one of the biomes listed on the web link below:


Record the following information:

A) 3 – 5 Typical plants of the biomes:

B) 3 – 5 Typical animals of the biome:

C) Usual temperatures of the biome:

D) Typical rainfall of the rainfall:

E) 3 other fun facts about the biome.

With this information, draw a picture of your biome on reused or regular notebook sized printer paper. On the side or your picture, include the research information written above. Show Mr. Jamsa for credit.