Depending on which grades you need to make up, you are going to do all or part of the lab below. Remember the Titanic Lab! Learn from your mistakes. These three parts together are worth a healthy portion of your semester grade – so give them your focus.

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The question – Will a classic dart paper airplane fly further with or without a paperclip on the nose of the plane? IV – paperclip or not. DV – distance it flies.


What did I do?

INSTRUCTIONS: Make a Classic Dart Plane. Use instructions below if necessary. Write a procedure for how you will determine whether the plane will fly further with or without a paperclip. Do ten throws for each type of plane. Don’t forget to collect both kinds of data.

Material List:

Diagram: (of your airplane – make it good – use a ruler)

Step by step of how you will test which plane is better – regular or with a paperclip on the nose.

Data Table: Develop a simple data table so you could record your data in an organized fashion.

What happened?

Do the experiment. Fill in your data table. Don’t forget to keep a good problems/ solutions chart.


What did I learn?

OPTION A: The question again centers around whether the plane will fly further with or without the paperclip. That is the topic of your CER.

C – The evidence shows that the Classic Dart flies further/less far with a paperclip on the nose.

E- list evidence from the data table that helps you make your case.

R – Tie together your evidence with logic, reasoning, and science. Use the video and/or diagram below to give you the scientific knowledge to write this part.

Image result for forces of flight
Image result for how a wing works