Science Fair Board

At the bottom of this page, you can find the official science fair board guidelines. The four most important things to keep in mind:

a) No organic material of any kind on the board – like plants, cereal bits, etc.

b) You must cite your source (usually web URL) for EVERY PICTURE on the board.

c) ALL photos must have a source as well. For example, ALL PHOTOS taken by Susan Smith.

d) Sciences may include pictures of themselves but not of anyone else.

For examples of science fair boards, please visit the Google classroom.

In general, most science fair boards have the following:

Question or Engineering Goal

Hypothesis or Criteria







Science Fair Guidelines from the NWSE web site:

Middle School Display Regulations
The poster is the first thing the judges see when they review your project. It is important to do your best and organize your information in a clear way. All exhibits need to have their MS Super EZ form and project procedures, either posted or in a lab notebook. The lab notebook can also hold additional graphs and data tables.

Size Requirement:
15 inches (38 centimeters) deep This is half the depth of a table
36 inches (91 centimeters) wide
74 inches (188 centimeters) high from top of table

Please note: a standard 4ft display board will fit nicely in this space. Also the goal of the science expo is to talk about what you have done, not recreate it.

Very Important Middle School displays can only have paper items attached to the poster board, items that do not fit on the poster may be placed in a binder to sit in front of the poster. The only exception is for computer science projects, where a laptop is allowed to display code. Do not decorate your poster with food, machine parts, glass, clay models etc. those things will be removed or covered.

Acknowledgments to specific people or organizations or School names are not allowed on the poster. Acknowledgments may be included in a research paper.

Allowed with restrictions:
Photographs- you must have permission to post a person’s picture or make the person unidentifiable. You must also list the primary source of any photographs. If you are using pictures obtained from the internet, make sure to list the actual url, not a site that gathers images.

Electricity- only computer science projects will have access to electricity for the sole purpose of charging laptops.